OPENING DAY - May 26, 2018!

We've been working hard to clean up from winter and get everything ready for another season. Call and make your booking for another exciting day of paintball!


This is a fast paced game that gets your adrenaline pumping. We’ve scaled down the Landing craft a bit and have positioned it to allow attackers a fair chance of completing the Scenario objective. This is a great team building game requiring all players to work together and follow the team plan.

NEW & Improved FORT

We built a new 2 story fort with a lookout seat for your selected sniper. This new fort was initiated last summer and got many positive reviews and a few changes and tweaks to make the game more exciting. These are done and the Fort awaits you!

NEW GAME: Unexploded Ordnance

Thanks to Johnathan, a frequent visitor to Megiddo, we were introduced to this awesome scenario. We launched this game late in last year’s season and have had great comments. Check out the description on the Games page. We don’t have many pics for this scenario but we'll fix that this year.

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