Megiddo boasts some of the best paintball fields in Atlantic Canada. From the rugged and wooded Attack the Tank and Defend the Fort, to the spacious yet maze-like Village of Alderville, to the luxurious Speedball field, all are ready to provide you with adventure, fun, and excitement!

Attack the Tank

Bordered by a steep incline on the North, an open trail on the South, woods to the West, and no-man's-land to the East, the Tank field is a the perfect mix of natural cover and built-up bunkers. The North-West corner is the resting place of our infamous tank, ready for careful defense and aggressive attack.

This field is also the location for several versions of capture the flag and other exciting games. For larger groups and longer games, it can be combined with the adjacent Defend the Fort field.

Defend the Fort

The Fort is situated at the top of a steep incline with sight-lines in all directions to assist in sighting enemy advances.  Defending the fort will be successful only if you can maintain the flying of your team flag.

Attacking the fort will take strategy and team effort.  You have fewer places to take cover while literally fighting an up-hill battle.  To capture the Fort your team flag must be raised.

The Village of Alderville

At approximately 22,000 square meters (“or a quarter million square feet”), Alderville is our largest single playing field. This field caters to the largest of groups, and will be of special interest to the more "tactical" kinds of players. It consists of a maze of paths and trails woven throughout thick tall grass, shrubs, & Alder bushes. The village area includes several houses, a bank, a police station. Games played on this field include Bank Robbery, Jailbreak, VIP, and Domination.


Play like the pros in this fast-paced, adrenaline-packed game of Capture the Flag! This game is played on an open field with only inflated bunkers to hide behind. Out-shoot and out-think your opponent to pull the flag and hang it their starting station -- all before your 5-minute time limit runs out!

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